Bawalashie School Permaculture Project

The Bawalashie School Permaculture Project is a collaboration with the Hosikids Foundation, working with the Bawalashie Presbyterian Primary School in Accra, Ghana. This project's aim is to build a permaculture demonstration site at the primary school to provide scalable, replicable models for sustainable living to the students and residents of the community. These working models will be developed by the EcoSapien team for use in our dynamic design, with a focus on raising money for the school and building awareness of our need to provide low-tech solutions to fulfill basic human needs.

Our Team

Janel Luke

Ms. Luke is the owner of EcoSapien, and director of the Bawalashie School Permaculture Project. She is an applied microbiologist and permaculturist, and is dedicated to using endemic microbial communities and ecosystem design to improve quality of life for local and international communities.

Matthew Trumm

Mr. Trumm is the owner of Treetop Permaculture, and founder of the Camp Fire Restoration Project. His current projects include the Bear Fire Restoration Project, the Hearthstone School Garden Program, and collaborating with Ecosystem Restoration Camps.

Marcus Gurr

Mr. Gurr is a local permaculturist and farmer. He is the owner of Eco Adaptive Design and co-owner/operator of Gurr8 Family Farm. His focus is on regenerative ag and permaculture design.

Our Collaborators

For this project, we are collaborating with the Hosikids Foundation, a 501c3 founded in Buffalo, NY. They have been working tirelessly with the staff and students of the Bawalashie School, to bring in much needed resources and liason with other organizations. Their efforts have created the flourishing relationship with our partners that allow this project to happen! Please check out their projects and fundraisers at:

Hosikids Facebook

Hosikids Website


We are working to provide no-contact fundraising options to continue to support our project during the COVID 19 crisis. Know that 100% of the money from these fundraisers is used toward the project! If your donation idea is not supported by one of these options, please contact us, and we're happy to accomodate your requests! We hope to have more in-person classes and workshops in the spring, but only time will tell. Thank you so much for your interest and support in this difficult time.

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