CoRenewal Post-Fire Study

This biofiltration study is being conducted by CoRenewal, a 501c3 located in Riverside, CA. EcoSapien owner Janel Luke and Sarah Benjaram, of Red Bluff CA, are the study site coordinators for the experimental plots in the Bear Fire burn zone in Berry Creek CA. This study aims to test the effects of straw wattle installations (with and without oyster mushroom inoculation) on the adsorption and filtration of heavy metals and petrochemicals in post-wildfire soils. Our tests are being performed in areas with burned structures, as anthropogenic activities have been shown to cause heavy contamination in burn zones.

Ms. Luke has been inspired to take part in bioremediation efforts post-wildfire, ever since experiencing the devastation of neighboring communities from the Camp Fire, in 2018. Through partnerships such as this, she is working to expand our knowledge of soil conditions post-fire, to prevent contamination, and restore the natural health and beauty of our homes and forests.

EcoSapien has partnered with CoRenewal for a post-wildfire biofiltration experiment. This study's aim is to observe the movement of pollutants from burned structure sites through the soil, and the interaction of these materials with current best practices to prevent pollution (namely the installation of straw wattles). Some wattles have been inoculated with oyster mushroom mycelium, to track the interactions of this native species with common post-fire pollutants. To see more of the fantastic work being performed by this group, see links below!

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