Environmental Consulting and Education

Our Mission

Our vision is to recreate the world such that humans have a place in the ecosystem. We are achieving this goal one project at a time, with holistic consultation strategies for landowners and novel technological approaches to agricultural and environmental analyses. Our team directs for and non-profit activities, from ecological farm and ranch design to laboratory tech training programs, and we ensure our expertise and facilities are accessible to everyone.

Our Services

At EcoSapien we believe in implementing ecological mimicry and using interdisciplinary research to provide accessible, low-tech solutions to today's agricultural and environmental issues. Our consults and laboratory analyses provide low-cost, high resolution, holistic data in real-time, and present practical solutions. Our novel integration of scientific disciplines result in increased efficiency and productivity in land management, while preserving environmental integrity.

Holistic Land Management Consultations

Chemical and Biological Testing and Analysis

Classes, Workshops, Tech Training Programs, and More

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Non-Profit Projects

EcoSapien is dedicated to creating accessible models and education for the preservation of our environment and the advancement of ecological practices in human activities. We achieve this goal primarily through our non-profit partnerships, and by dedicating a percent of our for-profit work to these projects. Click on the links below to find more info, learn about our partners, and DONATE!

This project is being hosted by the Bawalashie Presbyterian Primary school in Accra, Ghana. We are partnered with Hosikids Foundation, a non-profit from Buffalo, NY.

Our partnership with CoRenewal is working to study post-fire soil conditions and potential mycoremediation strategies.


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While we are a simple service provider, we frequently work with companies that provide top-quality ag and environmental products. We have personally vetted all products and services listed on our site.